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Assess your just transition plan

The tool consists of a series of 31 questions. Each question corresponds to an indicator and each indicator is linked to one of the 10 principles for assessing TJTPs developed by WWF. These principles can be found under the resources link. 


A scorecard will be generated at the end which will give an overall rating for the TJTP and an overview of the plan's performance against each of the 10 principles. You can download this report as a PDF and if you have a profile, you can view it and any other assessments you have made later. With a profile, you can also publish saved reports by clicking 'publish' at the end. If you publish a plan, WWF will verify the assessment and add it to the site's resources page for others to view.


Assess a plan


How it works

First you will be requested to fill in some basic information about the plan you are assessing. After this, you will run through the questions and have the opportunity to add any extra comments on the plan and development process at the end. For each question, you will rate the quality of the TJTP on a specific issue, by selecting the most accurate of three statements. You may add a comment for further inorfmation if you desire. At the end of the survey, we will calculate instantly the overall score the TJTP and provide you with a PDF detailed summary of performance.


The tool can be run at any stage of the TJTP development by anyone. If you have completed a profile, you can save your progress in the test and return to complete it later.


Easy, right? So let's go!