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Territorial Just Transition Plan Assessment Tool

This policy sets out the basis on which we will process any personal data we collect from you through this website. We keep your personal information safe and it is protected by appropriate technical and organisational measures. We only use your data for the purpose of ensuring the fucntioning of this tool and will not sell your data on to any third party.
On this website, you have the possibility to develop assessments of draft and final just transition plans developed in the context of, or using the template in the EU Just Transition Fund Regulation. In order to run these assessments, you need to provide certain data (country of plan, draft/final status as well as optional additonal information). You will also enter data in response to questions throughout the tool. This data is not collected by the website unless you have created a profile and therefore saved the assessment. The data will only become publicly available and accessible to WWF via the website if you choose to publish assessments (either at the end of an assessment or via your 'My Profile' page). Only this data will be collected and further processed based on your consent.

If you create a profile, you will be asked to create a username (your email address) and a password. Neither of these will be made public, although WWF will see your email address if you submit an assessment for publication and may contact you about any assessments you wish to publish. You can also include your organisation and this data will be presented on any assessments that you generate as the producer of the assessment.
By using the website to generate assessments, you agree to entering information about a territorial just transition plan into this website. This information will not be publicly available unless you choose to publish an assessment. To publish an assessment you must create a profile. If you create a profile, an account is automatically created that is linked to your email address. Your progress on assessments is automatically saved but you can delete assessments by clicking 'delete assessment' either in My Profile or during the assessment. 

Your data, and the responses inputted into the assessment will be collected in a database managed by Codevision (Austria). It will not be shared further or made public, unless you agree to publish an assessment. Your email address will never be made public. The participating organisations will only process your data in relation to the functioning of the tool and the publication of assessments. By using the tool and agreeing with this privacy policy, you allow WWF to use any responses to the assessment that you agree to publish.

Your data will be accessible by WWF in the context of running the tool and you may be contacted about an assessment to be published or linked issues, but will not be used for or added to our general mailing lists.

By using the tool, you also agree to our general privacy policy.
GDPR outlines eight distinct rights that all Europeans are entitled to, which are:
1. The Right to Information
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5. The Right to Restriction of Processing
6. The Right to Data Portability
7. The Right to Object
8. The Right to Avoid Automated Decision-Making 

You are entitled to access your personal data and rectify, block or delete it if data are inaccurate or incomplete and to receive information on why and how your data is being processed. You may exercise your rights by contacting the Data Protection Officer using the contact information given below. If complaints cannot be resolved this way, we recommend to email contact@apd-gba.be.

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